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Crohn's disease - Kids & Teens

Treatment plan for Crohn's disease


What is a treatment management plan?

A management plan is a special map just for you about Crohn's disease. It helps you understand your illness and what you can do to keep it under control. You can use it to keep track of how you are doing and to know what to do if you have a problem. Your doctor creates the plan with you to include instructions such as:


  • Your medicine and how and when to take it

  • When to check back with your doctor to tell him or her how you are doing

  • What signs to watch for, and what to do if you have any of them

  • What your doctor will do if you become unwell

  • What else you can do to help - such as change what you eat, get more exercise or take medicine for any other problems caused by your illness

  • How to find other people who can help, such as a nurse or support group in your area


Your plan should be written down so you can keep it with you and read it any time you want. Your doctor will probably look at it and change it from time to time if anything changes.


Other people may also help create and follow your plan, like a nurse, nutritionist, surgeon, general practitioner or pharmacist. Your parents, and possibly other people who are also involved in your care, such as your teachers, childminders or other carers will also know about your plan and help you follow it.



Your turn to create a map!                                                                              back to top


Click here to draw a map of your route to school. Start with leaving the house. Do you walk or do you take the bus? What if you have to go a different way? Draw signs with reminders along the way. Add in anything that might happen to make you change your plans, and what you would do differently if that happens. Can you see how a map can help you plan ahead and know what to do if you have a problem?


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How will my management plan help me?                                            back to top


Think about the map you drew in the activity above. Imagine you are on a bumpy road, with twists and turns and maybe a couple of hills to climb. What sort of problems might you run into as you go through your day? What can you do to get past them?


Your management plan is sort of like your map. It can help you and your parents and carers get past the bumps in the road as well as the smooth stretches along the way. Most importantly, it shows how you and your doctor are working together to get you feeling better and stay better as long as possible. It can also help you remember why you need to take your medicine and take good care of yourself.



You and your doctor make a great team                                               back to top


Your doctor is there to make sure you get the right medicine, and to look after your health and well-being. Sometimes this is your family doctor or paediatrician, and other times this might be someone who cares for people with Crohn's disease, called a gastroenterologist. Some hospitals also have nurses who care for people with Crohn's disease and are able to answer your questions and look after you too.


You and your family should work with all your healthcare team members - your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, surgeon - to make sure your management plan is right for you. The more questions you ask, and the more open and honest you are about your needs and wishes, the more helpful the plan will be for you.



Take care of yourself                                                                                      back to top


Once you have a management plan, you have an important job - to keep it and follow it. Your family can help. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Understand that you play a role in keeping your Crohn's disease under control

  • Know when and how to take care of your own health

  • Follow your plan and take your medicine as your doctor tells you to

  • Ask questions if you are worried about anything

  • Let someone know if you have any problems



Your turn!                                                                                             back to top


Write down some more things you can think of to do to help keep in control of your illness. For example, get enough sleep, get regular exercise and take your medicine every day. If you need help thinking of more things you can do, ask your mum or dad for some more ideas.


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