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Your IBD consultation - Kids & Teens


A parent-child guide - Introduction


Hello and welcome!

This guide is meant to help you understand your IBD doctor visit - why you are visiting the doctor, what will happen while you are there, and what you can do to get ready and work with your doctor to take control of your IBD. The more you know, the less frightened you will be and the more you can play a part in taking charge of your IBD.


Most importantly, this guide is for YOU - so please print it out, write in it, add your own thoughts or draw pictures all over it if you want to. If you wish, you can read it with your mum or dad so you can ask questions as you go along.

Are you ready to start? Let's go!


Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis affect different people in different ways. It is possible for one person to have a very mild case and another to have very severe symptoms.



What does my doctor do? Why am I going to see a doctor about my IBD?


Having a problem with your bowels can get in the way of all sorts of things children like to do - like going to school, playing with your friends, playing sports or going out with your family. You may feel embarrassed, scared or angry about being sick. You didn't ask to feel this way or to have these problems and it probably doesn't seem fair.


The best way to get better and stay better is by working closely with your doctor. He or she can help by finding a medicine that works well for you, checking on how you are doing from time to time, and giving you instructions for what else you can do between visits. This may be your family doctor, also known as your general practitioner, or it may be a gastroenterologist (GAS-tro-ent-er-AHL-o-jist) - a doctor who is specially trained to help people with IBD.


Your turn to have some fun!

Click here to draw a picture of something you like to do for fun. For example, do you like to play football or go see a movie? Play in the sand at the beach? Why do you enjoy it? How does it make you feel?


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