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Your IBD Consultation


Questions to ask your IBD consultant


You may have many questions about your IBD and its impact on your life, but not know where to find the answers. For example, you may be worried about how the condition will impact on your working life, whether you will need surgery, where you can turn for additional information and support and how to explain your IBD to other people.


No matter what questions you may have, your IBD consultant will be prepared to help answer them, and it is better to ask than to continue wondering. Many people find it helpful to write down their questions and bring them along to the IBD consultation. An example list of questions is provided below to help you get started.


Example questions


To download and print a copy of the questions, click here. There is a space at the bottom to write in your own questions.


  1. How will my IBD affect me and my life (eg, work, social activities, relationships)?

  2. Will my IBD get worse or better over time?

  3. What complications might occur as a result of my IBD and are there any signs I should watch for?

  4. What are my treatment options, how effective are they and what are their potential benefits, drawbacks and side effects?

  5. If I do not wish to undergo surgery for my IBD, are there other successful treatment options?

  6. Will treatment for my IBD interfere with existing medications that I am taking for other ailments?

  7. What should I do when I have a flare-up of symptoms or problems with my treatment?

  8. How often should I return for a follow-up appointment? Should I see any other specialists in the meantime, such as a dietician, nutritionist or IBD nurse?

  9. Is there anything more I can do to help take good care of myself?

  10. Are there any sources of information or support available to me if I have additional questions later?




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