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Crohn's disease - Kids & Teens

Treatment plan for Crohn's disease


Treatment options for Crohn's disease - Your treatment plan


Crohn's disease can affect different people in different ways. One person with Crohn's disease may get better without needing to take medicine every day, while someone else may be so ill that they need to have surgery right away. That is why your plan is just for you, based on your situation and how your Crohn's disease is affecting you.


Your treatment plan will be based on four things:

  • How ill your Crohn's disease makes you feel

  • Your health in general and any medicines you have tried in the past

  • How your illness is likely to affect you in the future (called 'prognosis')

  • Your personal needs, wishes and expectations



How can treatment help?


Medicine or surgery for Crohn's disease helps to:

  • Treat a flare-up of symptoms quickly

  • Keep you free from having any symptoms (remission)

  • Identify people who need to have surgery

  • Make sure you are getting proper nutrition

  • Consider any special needs of people in the hospital or getting care at home



Weigh the benefits and risks for any approach


When you are unwell, the goal is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible - what doctors call 'induction of remission'. Once you are feeling better, the next goal is to keep you free from symptoms for as long as possible. That is called 'maintenance'.


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