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Ulcerative Colitis - Kids & Teens

Treatment plan for Ulcerative Colitis

Liquid diets

When you are unwell, it is important to take care of any inflammation (swelling, redness and sores) in your bowel. Your diet is also important to your health - you need energy to grow. Before trying any medicines, your doctor may suggest you try a special liquid diet. There are two types of diet available - called the 'polymeric fluid diet' and the 'elemental fluid diet'.

Both these diets come in different flavours. You could ask your doctor if you could try the different flavours and see which one you like best. For about 4-6 weeks you won't eat normal food, and will have only the special liquid diet and water. You can then return to a normal diet. Sometimes, you may be asked to continue with the liquid diet alongside your normal diet - this is to ensure that you get enough calories and nutrients.

Some people may find it difficult to take these fluids by mouth and, as a result, may need to be fed through a tube. There are two different types of tube that can be used:

  • Nasogastric tube. This tube is inserted through the nose to allow food to be slowly fed into the stomach. The tube can be changed every 4-6 weeks as needed and taken out when you don't need it any more. While the tube is in place you will still be able to go about normal activities - going to school and meeting up with friends.
  • Gastric tube. This tube is positioned through the gut wall to send the food straight into your stomach. As the tube is very small it can easily be hidden under your clothes when it is not being used.


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